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Carolina Emerald Mine &
Vein Mountain Gold Camp
1694 Polly Spout Rd.,
Marion NC 28752
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* GOLD *

Anyone prospecting at
Carolina Emerald Mine & Vein Mt. Gold Camp,
with a little hard work can expect to discover fine                    
gold. The use of equipment will improve your gold                   
recovery and possibly lead to pickers and nuggets.                   
We have seen numerous pickers and many nuggets,                   
largest to date being a nugget just over 1 oz.                     

Prospectors using
4" dredges in the river do the best,                  
some days seeing up to
1 oz. of gold. The second                   
most effective way is to set up a
high banker and                  
high bank our dug material.              

Place a screen at the end of the sluice and inspect the washed stone,
and you can see up to
sixty different crystals that we have identified
in our section of the valley.
Facitable diamonds have been found
in our area over the last 100 years, we have identified small
diamond chips in our black sand concentrates and look
forward to a
diamond of size being found!
     * GEM STONES *

rock hounds choose to utilize equipment
and wash the gold bearing material. We have
          seen hundreds of
emeralds and many other
crystals found in this fashion.

Some choose to scour the
gravel bars of the river or investigate the washed stone from previous prospectors.

Crystals pulled from the vein to date include
transparent emeralds and aquamarine, beryllium, green transparent tourmaline, almadine and pyrope garnets, moonstone, lg. feldspar crystals, rose / smoky / blue quartz, lg. biotic mica books, iron pyrite, and specimens of visible GOLD.

50 feet south of this vein,
                                  is a vein that has given up
epidote specimens.

                           Each winter we will expect to
excavate from 150 to 600 tons
gold bearing material &
                              have it available for your
prospecting pleasure.

Rock hound rates on the water flume start
at $25 for adults ... per day.